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2010 archive

How we performed


In this section we provide key financial data and company information – including our quarterly financial reporting to shareholders, together with archived material and stock exchange announcements, along with other key data and analysis.

Preliminary results to 31 December 2010

Interim Management Statement for the nine months ended 30 September 2010

27 October 2010

Half-yearly report to 30 June 2010

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Legislation in the United Kingdom governing the preparation and dissemination of financial statements may differ from legislation in other jurisdictions.

Key Group statistics 2010
(Group subsidiaries, as at 31 December 2010)

Gross turnover
(including duty, excise and other taxes)
£43,855 million
(after deducting duty, excise and other taxes)
£14,883 million
Profit from operations £4,318 million
Adjusted profit from operations* £4,984 million
Global cigarette volumes 708 billion
Payments to governments (tax paid including excise taxes) £30,220 million
Markets where brands sold 180+
Markets where largest market share 50+
Cigarette factories 45 in 39 countries
Employees 60,431
Group Environmental, Health and Safety expenditure £32.3 million
Group Research & Development expenditure £117 million
Group charitable and community donations £15.4 million (for both London Benchmarking Group** and statutory reporting criteria)
Shareholders (combined UK and South African registers) 113,469
Size of shareholding No. of holders Percentage of
issued ordinary
share capital
1–1,999 No. of holders : 96,961 % of issued ordinary share capital : 2.07
2,000–9,999 No. of holders : 12,645 % of issued ordinary share capital : 2.40
10,000–199,999 No. of holders : 3,144 % of issued ordinary share capital : 6.46
200,000–499,999 No. of holders : 310 % of issued ordinary share capital : 4.87
500,000 and over No. of holders : 408 % of issued ordinary share capital :  82.77
Treasury shares (UK) No. of holders : 1 % of issued ordinary share capital : 1.43

Associate companies (as at 31 December 2010)

Our principal associates are Reynolds American in the US and ITC in India. In 2010 the Group's share of post-tax results of associates and joint ventures increased by £67 million to £550 million. Excluding the adjusting items, the Group's share of post-tax results increased by 15 per cent to £622 million.

* Adjusted profit from operations is derived after excluding the adjusting items from the profit from operations. These adjusting items include restructuring and integration costs, amortisation and impairment of trademarks, goodwill impairment and gains on disposal of businesses or trademarks.

** The LBG comprises more than 100 companies working together to measure corporate community investment. The reporting criteria differs from that used in statutory reporting for our Annual Report.

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